The second annual World Water-Tech North America Summit, the fifth event in the World Water-Tech series, gathers the key stakeholders from every part of the water value chain.  Hosted by Rethink Events and WaterTAP Ontario, the event provides a dynamic meeting place for the growing international water-tech community.  

World Water-Tech North America will feature utility and industrial leaders from around the world, sharing their experiences of developing and commercializing new water technologies and the impact that these technologies have had on their business and bottom line.

Over two days of plenary sessions, delegates will hear from speakers on:

  • Enabling change: global water and environment leaders on how they are developing regulatory frameworks to encourage and incentivize the adoption of new technologies
  • Pipe dreams? Visions of a profitable, sustainable, energy neutral, successful water utility
  • Conquering the water energy nexus: case studies of water projects which are energy positive and energy projects which are water positive
  • Unconventional innovation for unconventional oil: moving towards zero discharge SAGD operations and developing solutions to the water challenges of fracking
  • “Yes please in my back yard”: opportunities in decentralized waste treatment
  • Identifying best practice for water management for mining: overcoming challenges for use, treatment, recycling and disposal of water used in mining
  • Business models for success: developing and commercializing technology in municipalities
  • Does smart have the answer? Partnering for success and bridging the gap between municipalities and industry
  • Stories from the investment community: what makes a technology investable and experiences from recent water deals
  • China Showcase: opportunities for water technology in China
  • Additionally, attendees will benefit from two Technology Showcase sessions featuring innovative technology developers presenting 7-minute snapshots of their solutions.

Half-Day Site Visit:
Join fellow delegates for an educational visit to one of Ontario’s flagship water/wastewater treatment facilities, hosted by WaterTAP Ontario

Half-Day Interactive Workshop: Do you and your technology have what it takes to get investment?
Hear from government, strategic investors, venture capital firms and companies who have successfully developed and sold technologies and learn how to structure your company, how to identify the right investors and partners for your business and what strategies to consider when looking to commercialize your water technology

1:1 meetings
Throughout the three days of World Water-Tech, this online bookings system offers all attendees a sneak preview at other participants before the event and helps you to prepare and plan your time to best effect